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A problem shared is a problem halved. Access unlimited affordable online sleep support for your family

“We received such professional and fabulous support working with Kathryn. Since working together, we have been left with a little boy who generally sleeps through the night. My husband and I have got our evenings back, we are nicer to each other and have both been able to be more productive at work due to getting more sleep”

- Rosie

Are you absolutely drained from the sleepless nights in your household? The No Sleep Club is your opportunity to access expert 1 to 1 advice for minimal cost. A problem shared, is a problem halved. As a member of The No Sleep Club you have a helping hand to improve your sleep challenges every step of the way.

What is in it for you?

Are you desperate for a good night's sleep but have no idea how to get there? Join The No Sleep Club to find out your next steps to put into place today

The No Sleep Club

As The Family Sleep Coach, previous insomnia sufferer and mum to Oliver The former sleep thief, I provide you with the solutions to getting your family better sleep.

Meet The Family Sleep Coach

“Having been at one of my lowest points when experiencing our son’s sleep challenges, I feel extremely passionate to help you to gain the life-changing results we did from sleep coaching”

- Kathryn Stimpson, Mother of a Former Sleep Thief

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The No Sleep Club is your opportunity to access expert advice for minimal investment 

The No Sleep Club

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